Postcards from the past reveal a hidden history in Stave Studio’s debut game Over the Alps. Race through the picturesque Switzerland of 1939 to discover a world of intrigue, subterfuge and colourful characters.

Escape the Spycatcher, rescue the Watchmaker and unlock the secrets of the past.  

Coming in 2018.

80 Days meets The Grand Budapest Hotel


  • Relive history as you race across the turbulent landscape of Europe at war.

  • Discover a world of suspense and espionage inspired by the works of John Le Carré, Wes Anderson and classic cinema.

  • Explore locations filled with hidden secrets and artwork inspired by vintage travel posters.

  • Interpret the past with a novel twist on text adventures.

  • Piece together a hand-drawn map to help the enigmatic Watchmaker flee from the unstoppable Spycatcher.

OtA Summit Scenario.jpg


The team is working on the Over the Alps Alpha as we speak - This will be publically available around the start of February.

If you're interested in testing for other devices, drop us an at

To sign up for the Alpha sign up to our email list on our main page here.

OtA Town Scenario.png


Samuel Partridge - Developer for Failbetter Games (Sunless Sea & Fallen London)

Joshua Callaghan - Illustrator for McCann (Clients include Harley-Davidson, Quorn, Triumph Motorcycles, Alpro Soya...)

Cash DeCuir - Writer for Failbetter Games (Sunless Sea & Fallen London)

Matthew Arneil - VR & Mobile Developer, ex-Alchemy VR

Together, we make up Stave Studios

OtA  Concept Art Board Image.jpg