What is Over the Alps?


By the dim flicker of candle light you stumble across a hidden bundle of postcards in a dusty wine cellar and discover a secret history.

Be transported back in time 80 years to a world of espionage, double-crosses and several goats.


Over the Alps plays out across these very postcards, with you as their author, an allied spy undertaking what you assume to be a routine mission near the Italy-Switzerland border in 1939.

On your mission you will travel across Switzerland, visiting iconic locations rendered in an art style inspired by travel posters and postcards of the era.

You’ll meet the locals, making sure to keep the right ones on your side - you never know who may be a useful asset.

During your time in Suisse staying one step ahead of the tenacious Swiss police will be vital to avoid blowing your cover.

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Stave Studios