Meet the team


Samuel Partridge

Co-Founder & Studio Lead

Sam’s background is in book publishing and narrative games. He previously worked for Failbetter Games on Sunless Sea and Fallen London, as well as for Fusebox Games on the Love Island games as a developer. Sam’s role within Stave includes development work as well as managing the content team and the running of the studio.

Matthew Arneil

Co-Founder & Technical Director

With a varied background in mechanical engineering and software engineering Matt has worked across AR, VR and for fintech companies as well as on an educational app for children, this was Matt’s first step into making video games. As Technical Director Matt’s role includes directing the development team, as well as filling the role of Lead Developer.

Joshua Callaghan

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Josh’s background is as a Graphic Designer & Illustrator, working primarily within the advertising industry. At Stave Josh is responsible for directing the art & animation team and also filling the role of lead artist/designer working across concept art, final game art and UI/UX design as well as several other areas.

Jon Ingold

Lead Writer & Game Designer

Jon is a Co-director of BAFTA-nominated narrative game studio inkle, he co-wrote TIME Magazine’s Game of the Year 2014 80 Days as well as writing award-winning archaeological adventure Heaven’s Vault and the hugely successful Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! digital adaptation. He is the co-designer of ink, an open-source scripting language for interactive fiction, used by games from Over the Alps to Sea of Thieves, and his 2018 talk on interactive writing, Sparkling Dialogue, has been used by major studios around the world. He enjoys reading, jazz music and fatherhood, but not in that order.

Katharine Neil

Supporting Writer & Editor

As a child, Katharine read a large number of John Buchan novels, and had hopes of becoming a spy. Sadly, she had to settle for a career in games, in which she has worked in a variety of development roles, game genres and platforms. Katharine is most recently known for her work as narrative designer for Nyamyam’s comedy game Astrologaster

Mike Robinson


After 9 years as Head of Tech for Jamie Hewlett's company Flesh Eaters on Gorillaz and more, Mike founded Rekim Ltd in 2011 to work on video games. Providing gameplay development on Honeyslug's Hohokum and last year releasing his own title Pool Panic in collaboration with Angus Dick, published by Adult Swim.

Simon Waserman


After a lifetime of consistent creative failures it was the winning of a nationally televised game show that ultimately secured Simon's place on the Stave team. Bringing in his unnatural ability to bid the correct price on household items, Simon has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to bringing Over The Alps to life.

Claire Brooks


Claire is a freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in London. She designs, draws and collaborates with individuals and brands across different fields. On Over the Alps Claire worked across environment art, graphic design, social media and taught us all some Irish dancing.

Angus Dick


Angus has been working as an illustrator and animator in the UK animation industry since 2011. His first foray into games was animating for Frobisher Says on Playstation Vita, followed by the BAFTA nominated Sony title Hohokum. Most recently, he created Pool Panic with Mike Robinson, published by Adult Swim Games.

Felix Kramer


Felix does freelance scouting, PR, and production, helping teams with everything from internal timeline and milestone planning to business development and platform relations. They have the pleasure of working with such teams as Finji, Fellow Traveller, Polytron, Panic, Stave Studios, and Shedworks. At Stave, Felix helps with internal and external production, and platform relations.

Harry Tuffs


Harry is a games writer who wrote and developed A House of Many Doors, an indie RPG for PC and Mac that released in 2017. Since then he has worked as a contributing writer on Failbetter Games' Sunless Skies and Fallen London. He also once DJed for Radio 1, despite never having listened to Radio 1.

Nick Bush

Narrative Design Support

Nick is a narrative designer and writer from Toronto who has previously collaborated with Moonray Studios. He has been working with Stave on narrative implementation and localization support.

JOE Arneil

Intern Developer

Joe interned with us for Over the Alps over his break from University of Bristol. He worked with us on our tvOS implementation, which included UI, feature development and testing.

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