Our Apple Arcade Recommendations


It’s been a joy to have Over the Alps in Apple Arcade and an honour to share the space with so many exciting, innovative games.

We’ve been enjoying the games on offer so much we wanted to put aside a blog post to a (very) shortlist of personal favourites. If you loved OtA, you’ll likely love these too!



Clever, beautiful, and a touch surreal, folk tale game Pilgrims is a masterclass in how to tell a story with few words and even, in this case, no words at all.

A novel card collecting mechanic and wonderful sound design throughout cap off a game Amantina should be deeply proud of.


Tangle Tower

A follow-up to SFBs’ much lauded Detective Grimoire, Tangle Tower is a Point and Click detective game par excellence.

Much loved characters join new, and the writing for all crackles. The environments are simply sublime throughout thanks to the inestimable Catherine Unger, who also returns for this sequel.


Down in Bermuda

An island hopping, mind tickling treat for the eyes, it’s clear Bermuda has had attention lavished on it from start to finish.

It’s a perfect rainy day or long commute game, and we cannot recommend more for fans of puzzles, hidden object games, or ducks.

Sam and Luke.png


Over the Alps shares so much with NeoCab; they’re both narrative, use Ink, and were produced by the very talented Felix Kramer.

It’s most importantly a fantastic narrative game; different passengers each have their own stories they bring with them on rides, while your character’s main arc seamlessly intertwines with them.



A constantly evolving, challenging survival tale with side helping of good dogs, we love Overland here at Stave Studios and couldn’t recommend it more.

The stories that build up in each play session are brilliant and Finji should be commended for nailing the wonderful, emergent moments that take place. It’s a tough nut to crack but once you’re inside Overland is simply a joy to play.

Also check out…

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  • WHAT THE GOLF - Josh enjoys flinging himself from hole to hole, the dirty beggar.

  • EXIT THE GUNGEON -Matt, a man of few words, says “he likes it”.

  • OVER THE ALPS - Just in case you haven’t already!

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