Over the Alps Update 1


Our first update for Over the Alps is here. This brings a range of new device versions, features and fixes.


  • iPhone and iPad - Our first update for iOS, version 1.1, is now live.

  • Apple TV - We’ve released version 1.0 for tvOS.


  • All new Apple TV app - Start a new adventure or pick up where you left off on your TV. Download Over the Alps to your Apple TV, only on the Apple Arcade!

  • Final game translations - We’ve completed a full pass over all 15 languages and included a range of final edits.


  • Fix for bug at location ‘Over the Alps’ - We received reports of players getting stuck at the location ‘Over the Alps’, in which, after interacting with a hot air balloon, the game would present no way to continue. We’ve now resolved this bug, players who are waiting for this update can now update their app and continue their game.

  • A range of journal updates and fixes - We’ve made a variety of fixes to the in-game journal, including fixing missing images and ensuring entries update in a continued game. 

  • Fixes for the settings menu - We’ve fixed a bug that stopped the player’s settings being saved.

  • Visual improvements throughout - We’ve updated some sizing errors, changed the colour of the location title text to make it easier to read, and addressed a few graphical errors.

Happy hunting, agents!

Stave Studios