1939: The Politics of Over the Alps

Over the Alps is a story about 1939 and the prejudices that mark the time. It is about the hatreds which reached their ultimate genocidal ends by 1945.

It is about the evils which inexcusably persist in 2018. As such, is as much a political statement as much as it is a spy thriller.

To not address the evils of the past in Over the Alps would be to condone them in our present. The hate which the Spy fights against is something that we’re fighting today.

The story of prejudice is as long as it is ugly. It didn’t begin in 1939 and it certainly didn’t end in 1945. And the story of the early 1930s – a story of totalitarianism rising to prominence, fuelled by hatred and stupidity – is a story we are seeing again throughout the West.

As an American, this is a truth I’m keenly aware of. Each day, the news worsens. Each night, I lose more sleep. The evils which infest my government and my homeland – evils which have been with us since our founding and even well before – now threaten to undo the country altogether.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned in writing Over the Alps, it is this: we are not alone in our fight today; we have history on our side. I could speak at length about the influence of modern politics in Over the Alps and what I hope our game might accomplish, but I must return to my work.

Fight the good fight, my friends. Keep hope alive in your hearts. And if you can, donate your time and your resources to stopping this evil.

Though it may be too late for our Spy and Watchmaker, who will have to endure the horrors of the Second World War after their daring escape, we still have time.


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