EGX Rezzed

The team is fully recovered from EGX Rezzed - just - and wants to join me in saying thank you to everyone who played Over the Alps on the floor that day.

We were blown away by the response and it was great to meet people who are as passionate about it as we are. Thank you! You are the reason we make games.

Apart from warmed hearts, we've also come away with plenty of things to fix and tweak. The feedback we received on the floor has gone into a categorised spreadsheet of over 200 entries, ready to address.

We're feeding these into two updates - First, our closed beta and second, a major update to that closed beta.

The closed beta will include a content update and a number of vital bug fixes. This does means we will miss our original deadline for beta, as we said previously that we'd have this start at the end of April, but these fixes are absolutely necessary. Please bear with us!  

After this, we're going to get cracking on a more extensive update to that closed beta. This will be concentrating on three key areas: Updating our UI and UX, working in some quality of life updates, and getting the game to better reflect your choices in game.

For now, we're still on a high from Leftfield. It's been the most momentus thing that's ever happened to the project.

A special thank you goes to David Hayward without whom Leftfield simply wouldn't exist, to Beck Michalak, who has been our champion since day one, and to fellow Leftfielders Ceri Williams, Gareth Martin and Headbang Club.

And, again, thanks to those who came down and played OtA.

I can't wait to show you where you'll travel next...


OtA Moving Scenario.gif
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