Meet the Team: Cash DeCuir, Lead Writer and Designer

In this series of blogs, the team behind Over the Alps will be introducing themselves. First up is Cash DeCuir.



My first memories of games are fuzzy: star-ships, a child in the wild west, Mickey Mouse running up a descending escalator. Clarity comes with 3D. The Christmas morning when Santa left a Nintendo 64 and a copy of Mario Kart beneath the tree; driving around Rainbow Road solely to take in its color.


I kept playing as I grew. On consoles, primarily.  I tended toward action-adventure and roleplaying games. Whether it was well or poorly done, anything that allowed me to guide a character through an E rated story was magic to me.


My tastes expanded with my possibilities. When I finally broke into PC gaming, I lost days planning my digital war campaigns on physical maps with Risk pieces; or reading the mythology found in dense manuals and seeing how it played out in story and mechanics, while also researching for the real-life inspirations; or looking for groups to no avail, resigning myself to a single player run through a massively multiplayer world.


In the middle of all of this, I developed my love of writing. But it was only after I graduated college I connected that love to my passion for games. By a tremendous stroke of luck, I made a friend in my last year who played a browser game called Fallen London, made by Failbetter Games. If you're not familiar with the title, it's a text-heavy browser game set in a darkly comedic Victorian London.


I took to playing it myself. Some months later, Failbetter announced they were hiring a writer. The time that passed from then until I learned I had the job I measure not in months, but in writing tests.


And so, I stayed with the company for two years and eight months. In that time, I became a lead writer. I also found a friend in one of the company's developers, Sam Partridge. I remember our walking to work and discussing his idea, yet in its infancy, of a game called Over the Alps. We kept talking; it kept growing; and when he asked if I'd like to join as lead writer and designer, I gladly accepted.


But I fear that's all I can say for now, as I can only type to you in fleeting moments between projects. I hope you'll join me for future blogs, though, as I have so much more to share with you all. We'll talk about films, old RPG games, my American homeland and how it rends my heart, and goodness knows how much more.


Until then, I bid you all the best and all the rest. I hope I'll see you for the next one.



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