PC, iOS and Beta.

Hi all, Sam here.

For the first time in Over the Alps history the entire team has been working on the project full time. It's coming along nicely and I wanted to share our plans.

We'll be launching on PC first and iOS second.

We had originally planned for an iOS first launch but, after looking into how similar games did and seeing how solid our PC version was shaping up, simultaneous development makes the most sense.

We'd love to do Android and even Switch, but the amount of work to support more platforms would be too much for our small team. No matter how much Matt wants a PS Vita version.

Our launch date is in late 2018.

I'd love to give a more concrete date but a lot is happening in between then and now (namely Leftfield). We're also talking to some people who could help us over the finish line and that might drastically change a release date.

If we can't find the support we're looking for we'll release something solid, beautiful, but small much later in the year. If we can, well...

The sheer quality and quantity of work we've done in the past week has turned Over the Alps from a beefy, interesting side-project to something rather remarkable.

What we could do with a few months full time development really, really excites me.

We're opening our Beta at the end of April!

Our Leftfield build happens to also be our Beta build and we'll open this by the end of April.

If you're interested in joining the Over the Alps Beta drop us an email at contact@stavestudios.com or use the sign up form on our site's front page.

We're looking for both iOS and PC players of all backgrounds, interests and skillsets. The more and the more diverse the merrier!

Finally, we're working out how to corral you all.

We're tossing up between a Discord channel, a Slack or a subreddit for Over the Alps. This'd be a place you can chat, report bugs, and share secrets in the game. 

If you have strong opinions, comment below.


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