What is Over the Alps?

When you discover a hidden shoebox in your grandfather's attic, you also discover a secret history of espionage, intrigue and adventure.

The world of Switzerland 1939 opens to you, as piece together what happened on his fateful mission over the alps.

The contents of said shoebox.

The contents of said shoebox.

We've been working on Over the Alps for just over a year in our evenings and Saturdays.

We, here, are Samuel Partridge and Cash DeCuir from Failbetter Games, Matt Arneil, VR & iOS freelancer, and Joshua Callaghan of McCann Central. Hi!

Over the Alps is half text adventure, half point and click. It's a game of evading capture in Europe on the brink of war, determining friend from foe, and fighting back against fascism.

One of the many locations in Over the Alps

One of the many locations in Over the Alps

The player is pursued by an indefatigable Spycatcher, can discover a myriad of secrets, and use a twist on the quality-based system that combines choices with collectibles - But more on our mechanics later.

We've gone for an art style based on vintage travel posters and Wes Anderson, gameplay somewhere between FTL and choose your own adventure books, and a story inspired by David Lynch and le Carré.

It's been described as 80 days meets The Grand Budapest hotel.

Expect us out in 2018 - Until then, keep your eyes peeled...

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